Celebratory fireworks already going off in my back garden… The world is watching Scotland! #VoteYes #indyref

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the one TRUE secret to a great sex life

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Oh god, I havent listen to some of this in ages! I almost forgot how good they all are!

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Crushes start out as that teenage phenomenon, life-affirming and cute, but as you wander into adulthood, they seem to end up more painful, harrowing and uncertain, especially if you have just come out of the relationship you thought would finally, maybe, maybe be the one that stuck. We all like to believe we are completely self-sufficient but at the end of it all, we’re all searching for a human connection, something to make it all feel a bit more worthwhile.

— Lauren Mayberry of CHVRCHES (via mattlcostello)

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I’ve never laughed so much

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i’m just sitting here praying that the rest of the country votes for independence

when it was first announced i started off as a hesitant yes, then i switched to being undecided but leaning towards no

and now i’m just so firmly yes that i may cry if it’s a no vote because oh my god things are going to be so awful if we vote no

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My friend referred to Alex Salmond as “like a wrecking ball” (because he wants to wreck the union basically) and that’s how I came up with this


I’m truly sorry

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Lindsay Jarrett

Lindsay is the lass who scaled Edinburgh Castle Rock strapped to her was oxygen as she has a life limiting illness, listen to her talking at the BBC bias demo on saturday here 


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do you want scotland to go independent?

Asked by Anonymous


I want scotland to go independent with my whole being. 

Scotland is one of the world’s wealthiest nations, we have billions upon billions worth of oil, our farming, fishing and hydroelectric, whisky and tourism industries are some of the best in the world..

and yet one in five scottish children are classed as living in poverty?? 
something isn’t right there.

the current uk government which scotlands people did not vote for (the conservatives hold exactly 1 seat in scotland lmao) spends it on illegal wars, nuclear weapons (which are housed less than 20 miles away from me) and funding for stuff in london and other wealthy parts in the south of england.

So yes. I want Scotland to become independent. 

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